Green tea is high in calories

Green tea

Calories, calories: 0

Proteins, g: 0

Fat, g: 0

Carbohydrates, g: 0

Modern history shows that the tradition of drinking green tea in China goes

far back in the depth of millennia. The first written mention of healing, crisp drink found in a Chinese manuscript, which scholars refer to the 2700 BC. Many legends telling of a miracle beverage and traditions of its use exists both in China and in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.

What is a good green tea? First of all, it is delicious, refreshing drink, which can add sophistication to any Breakfast.

Green tea is not a separate type of plant, it differs from the black technology of processing of harvested leaves. Immediately after harvest the young leaves are steamed to stop the fermentation process, the result is stored in the green tea leaves and brew that retains all the vitamins and minerals. The taste of green tea too special, in it you can hear a hint of fresh greenery.

There are many types of green tea. They differ by time of collection, type of tea plant, site of collection and processing technology. Young twisted spring leaves and buds of tea are especially appreciated. The best green tea is still harvested by hand, and the skill of the pickers has a huge impact on the quality of the drink.

Calorie green tea

Calorie green tea in a mug closer to zero than to one.

Composition and useful properties of green tea

This drink is a leader among food and maintain health and longevity. Healing properties of green tea cause its components, carefully preserved in a gentle processing of the tea leaves.

Up to a third of the composition belongs tanning substances, tannin in green tea is twice more than in black.

Essential oils provide a pleasant scent.

The presence of alkaloids, especially caffeine, which acts much milder than coffee invigorates.

Glutamic acid supports the nervous system, normalizes metabolic processes.

Tea contains vitamins a, K, B1(thiamin), B2(Riboflavin), B9(folic acid), B12, PP(nicotinic acid), vitamin C more than double in black, as well as minerals magnesium, manganese, sodium, calcium, fluorine, iodine, copper, gold.

For centuries-old experience of drinking green tea have accumulated evidence of its unique medicinal properties, confirmed nowadays by numerous scientific studies. It strengthens the immune system and the nervous system, gently regulates mental processes, improves sleep, and outputs from depression. Proven ability of tea to relieve spasms of cerebral vessels. In addition, increases sexual energy and promotes weight loss. Fans of green tea, have good eyesight, high mental activity and creative potential, fast response and good ability to concentrate.

Numerous statistical studies have demonstrated that people regularly consume green tea twice less sick these terrible diseases, like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Japanese green tea has the ability to rid the body of radioactive strontium-90, even if he’s already deposited in the bones.

There is a lot of evidence about other healing properties that, in truth, the magic potion, however, its use, like any food product that requires moderation. Lovers drink ten cups a day, you need to remember that overindulgence may affect the liver and kidneys.

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