Hot chocolate: a simple quick cooking recipe

It is good always and everywhere – in a chic restaurant, on a cozy sofa, before going to bed in a soft bed in the evening, after sleeping in a soft bed in the morning… Delicious-chewy, soft and crisp, Oh, what a sweet and spunky! And it’s all him – hot chocolate!

Here personally I, though in the middle of the night Wake up and offer a Cup of this Smoking tempting drink, I will not refuse!

But you probably already understood all about my mad passion for chocolate in any form. And about how I’m trying to convert you to my “chocolate faith”, my dearsmile. And that, not the worst “faith” – delicious and the hormone of happiness serotonin zatarivaet!

In General, my newly converted chocolate lovers, today Bakers offers you another chocolate recipe.

How to make hot chocolate
As a person who, according to my grandmother, is very busy, I really appreciate fast recipes. So that the dessert takes little time to prepare, but it was delicious. And today I will give you a recipe for hot chocolate without any starches, thickeners and gestures in the style of “break into pieces, melt and mix 251 times”.

As we know, they make hot chocolate from cocoa, from chocolate, and add various other ingredients, including sugar. So this is not going to happen! And it will only be…

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