How to brew coffee in Turku

The choice of the Turks

First we need to choose a good Turku (this cookware also known as a cezve . srja . dalla . wine ). The diversity of the Turks is very large, but there are some conditions that distinguish good Turks and bad.

The first is the material. Turk needs to conduct heat very well and thus should not enter into chemical interaction with coffee . sugar and spices.

With this task good metals, the Turks made from aluminum, stainless steel, copper and silver . Best on the thermal conductivity of these metals are copper and silver, but because of its costs, the Turks of silver rather belong to works of art. So coffee drinkers prefer copper Turks with

internal coating of food grade tin or silver, which protects the copper from oxidation.

The second important point is the form . It should be wider at the bottom and have a narrow waist. The optimum ratio of size equal to 2-3. Bottleneck reduces the area of evaporation and thus we preserve the aroma of coffee. For cooking on the sand make more elongated lower portion for burying in the sand. Every Turk is characterized by the recommended volume for cooking, sometimes the amount designated by the number of cups (note that the Turkish Cup for coffee by volume, much less adopted by Russia and constitute a volume of about 65 ml). So coffee lover the Turks have different size to choose the suitable size depending on the desired volume.

The third important point for convenient use of the Turk is a handle . it is desirable that it was long and poorly conducted heat (not warmed), for example wood. Storage are convenient otvincivatmisa handle.

The selection of coffee for the Turks

The main requirement for coffee for the Turks but the quality and taste of the features is the degree of grinding. The grind should be very very small, literally in the dust. If the grind will be larger, it will affect the taste and can cause discomfort from large particles in the mouth. Such a degree of grinding is very difficult to obtain in the home so many prefer to buy ground coffee in a factory environment with professional equipment. The benchmark Turkish coffee is coffee Mehmet Efendi, the famous manufacturer of coef in Turkey with a long history and high reputation. Some of nemnogo stores in Turkey, where you can see the line, it stores Emhmet Efendi. The Turks often prefer to buy coffee in the store than grinding it at home.

Video: the Classic method of boiling coffee in Turku

How to boil in ibrik. Recipe Mehmet Efendi.

cook coffee in Turku in pictures

using coffee as a measuring Cup, pour cold water in the cezve /cezve (note that water quality affects the quality of brewed coffee)

add two teaspoons of coffee (on average 5g) and some sugar (optional)

in the process of cooking in pot on low heat stir coffee with a spoon

when the coffee will rise a second time . pour half the coffee in a coffee Cup

the remaining coffee in cezve simmer for another half a minute, and then add together with the grounds in a coffee Cup

wait half a minute until the coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the Cup

Turkish coffee is served as a rule, with a glass of water. Water prepares the taste buds to the flavor of coffee

When cooking for a large group of people it is best to prepare semi-sweet Turkish coffee, the taste is not much different from the preferences of the visitors.

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