Liqueur Sheridan

Irish liqueur Sheridan cannot be confused with anything else. This is the brainchild of alcohol concern, gave rise to another famous drink – Bailey. The original bottle of Sheridan, consisting of two tanks, have won worldwide popularity just a year after entering the market in 1994. I should say that not only memorable packaging, the design of which was developed by PA Consulting Group, brought the

Laurel wreath of fame liquor, but his excellent taste. Just for him, Sheridan was awarded in 1995 at the Brussels exhibition Monde Selection gold medal. But double bottle, of course, contributed to the global popularity of alcoholic beverage. About product characteristics and rules of its use read in this article. We will also explain how to prepare the liquor Sheridan at home.

Characteristics of drink

So, where to start? First of all, pour in a little shot glass of Sheridan and breathe the true spirit of Ireland. Chocolate? Vanilla? Coffee? Walnut? Whiskey? The apparent dominant in the white part are superior Irish cream. If you drink liquor shaken, their tenderness is replaced by a nutty aftertaste. But you can do otherwise: experienced baristas know how to tap in a shot glass liqueur Sheridan, so that the two layers don’t mix. Then, armed with a tube, you’ll enjoy coffee and chocolate taste, then to soften his vanilla-cream. Bottle with two necks of different diameters, through which the two parts are mixed in the glass in the correct proportions: one bright and two dark. Liqueur Sheridan has an average fortress and a sufficient quantity of sugar. Thanks to these indicators, it is more popular with female audiences. But men love him for his excellent taste in whiskey. The drink contains no preservatives. Therefore, the shelf life of the drink is a small – 18 months. Uncorked the bottle should be drunk within six months.

How to drink liqueur Sheridan

The optimum temperature when serving – room. Like all sweet liqueurs, Sheridan served on the digestive. Snack to it can serve fresh pastries, chocolates, or ice cream. Pour the drink into liqueur glasses (capacity 40-60 ml). As mentioned, there are two ways to drink Sheridan. The liquor is poured into a glass and savor SIP longer. Or drink up – so better you feel nutty aftertaste. The second way – leave the liquor bilayer. This requires skill. Tilt the glass at an angle of 45°. Bottle take so that coffee and chocolate tank top. Pour the liqueur in a thin stream down the side of the glass. Armed with a tube, starting with the bottom layer. If you add in Sheridan coffee, no need to sweeten. In cocktails liqueur mixes well with other drinks, except citrus juices – from them curl cream. Also not recommended to mix the drink with any carbonated waters, sweet and plain mineral water – it moveton.

Liqueur Sheridan at home: creamy vanilla part

Melt seventy grams of white chocolate in a water bath, diluted in 350 ml of milk. Whisk three eggs, add to the overall weight. Bahteem a Cup of cream, but just a little so that they remain liquid. Pour them into the pot. Add liquid honey (400 grams) and a packet of vanilla sugar. Dilute the mixture with a glass (250 ml) Irish whiskey. Now whisk the liquid with a mixer or blender. Pour creamy vanilla Sheridan liquor in a dark, tightly closed vessels and put to cool. The drink is ready for consumption in two to three weeks.

Cooking dark part

By the way, recently went on sale Sheridans Berries in which the coffee-chocolate component is replaced by a red liqueur made from wild berries. But we will prepare our homemade liqueur Sheridan on the classic recipe. Pour into a saucepan a quart of water. Added to 15 g of caramel and 800 grams of sugar. Place over heat and stir to dissolve the crystals. When the syrup boils, it a bit cool it down and pour a Cup of coffee. In another bowl mix half a liter of rum and two vanilla. When the syrup has cooled completely, pour it into alcohol. Stir and kuparinen in the bottle. Put it in a cool place for three weeks. Daily shake drink. After the specified time, then pass the liquor through a cotton filter.

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