Prepare smoothies at home

Fashionable and new word – smoothies, called creamy whipped and mixed in a blender vegetables, berries, fruit. Smoothies are very healthy, nutritious, it contains a lot of fiber because it is composed of various ingredients. For those who want to lose weight, ideal smoothies from fruits and vegetables. But for a hearty Breakfast in smoothies add honey, milk, cream, yoghurt, nuts. To make smoothie at home is very easy, you need a blender and nothing more. You can

eat it as dessert, but the recipe vegetable smoothie will easily substitute soup or secondly, he is very hearty and delicious, but also rich in vitamins.

At home to make smoothie – firstly you only want whole, ripe and damaged fruits and vegetables, don’t eat green or overripe. Secondly – density and saturation smoothies you can make if you put the ingredients in the freezer for some time, fruit place clean.

Just because you use frozen fruits and vegetables, put the ice in a smoothie is not necessary, it will make the drink watery and not tasty.

Foundation for smoothies – best of all, if it’s yogurt, kefir or milk. If you want a sweet smoothie, you should not take sugar, it may not melt and grit your teeth, better sweeten the drink with honey, syrup, ice cream or cook from sugar sugar.

One of the most famous in Europe smoothie recipes – green grape-Apple for digestion and cleansing. You need a bunch of grapes, green Apple, kiwi and a slice of fresh pineapple. Everything should be good to blend the grapes with seeds. This smoothie drink before or after meals, it facilitates the digestion of meat products.

Very tasty and beautiful to look at – banana-berry smoothie. It is made from one banana, a handful of frozen cherries and strawberries. As a basis you need yogurt or sour cherry juice. This smoothie is very sweet, he like children on a holiday. In addition berry smoothie antioxidant effect.

Vegetable smoothies prepared with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, celery, beet. The Foundation also often do not take sweet yogurt or kefir. Very interesting to taste the fruit and vegetable smoothies, such as carrot-Apple-grape.

Smoothies are easy as well as eliminate toxins, cleanse the intestines, it is prescribed as dietary nutrition in diseases of the digestive system. But keen smoothie is not necessary – otherwise the stomach to forget how to digest solid and hard food. Also if your smoothies sweet – sugar, honey-fat milk, they can contribute to increased cholesterol, weight gain.

You can make up your smoothie recipe at home to add to it all that is delicious and healthy, combine and experiment. Remember that all important measure and harmony, even in smoothies. Learn how did how to make delicious yogurt at home .

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