5 recipes milkshakes sea buckthorn

Unique useful properties of sea buckthorn in combination with real milk and fruit will bring You not only pleasure from tasty drink, but will have a positive impact on overall health. In the form of milk shakes is very easy to give Seabuckthorn children, who often don’t want to eat fresh berry. The cocktails can be a good family tradition. For readers of sea Buckthorn we offer 5 delicious and healthy recipes milkshakes and drinks with sea buckthorn.

Milkshake with sea-buckthorn berries and ice cream

You will need:

300 grams of sea buckthorn

300 grams of ice cream without additives

500 ml milk (3.2% fat content

First wash with sea buckthorn running water, then mash the berries through a sieve. Pour the resulting sea-buckthorn juice, high capacity suitable for whipping with a mixer. Add the juice milk and ice cream and beat with a mixer at high speed. If the cocktail will seem not sweet, add sugar to taste or honey. Next time put sugar or honey once in sea buckthorn juice, before whipping. The resulting cocktail has a nice orange color and a rich taste with hints of pineapple.

Milkshake with sea-buckthorn berries and cream

400 ml of milk (3.2% fat content

400 ml cream 10% fat

300 grams of sea buckthorn

3 tablespoons of honey

First washed sea-buckthorn berries mix with honey crush in blendera. In high capacity with a mixer moves the milk and cream on low speed. Pour oblepihovoe-honey puree and again beat with a mixer, but at high speed. Ready to drink. Before serving you can garnish with mint leaves and berries of sea buckthorn. This cocktail can be heated in the microwave or on the stove and drink for colds or for the prevention of acute respiratory infections.

Sea buckthorn dessert cocktail with banana

300 ml milk (3.2% fat content

200 grams of sea buckthorn

1 banana

100 strawberry jam or syrup

300 grams of ice cream

First you need to wash sea buckthorn and RUB the berries through a sieve. Then chop the banana in blendera. Mix all ingredients in a tall container and blend with a mixer at high speed. This cocktail is very tasty, sweet and high in calories, so drink it in the morning. It will give a boost of energy and vitamins for the day.

Oblepihovoe-carrot smoothie with kefir

100 grams of sea buckthorn

200 ml of kefir

50 ml of carrot juice

2 teaspoons of sugar

Wash with sea buckthorn running water, mash the berries through a sieve. Move sea buckthorn and carrot juice with yogurt in a big circle. Add the sugar and carefully move the spoon. Let the cocktail brewed for 10 minutes, then drink. This cocktail is very useful for vision, and as buckthorn, and carrots contain a lot of carotene and vitamin A and E.

Sea buckthorn smoothie with kefir

150 ml of kefir

100 grams of sea buckthorn

10 ml of pomegranate juice

2 teaspoons sugar

Washed sea buckthorn blend in blendera together with sugar. The resulting sea-buckthorn puree offset with a mixer at high speed with yogurt and pomegranate juice. In the resulting cocktail can add ice, garnish with fresh mint or berries of sea buckthorn. The original taste of this cocktail will not leave anyone indifferent.

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