Smoothies smoothies took his place in the field of healthy nutrition. Smoothie — it is a dense cocktail, prepared with vegetables, berries or fruit, add honey, yogurt, nuts — and mixed in a blender. Many believe that smoothies are suitable for everyone and no contraindications. But the benefit of the smoothie depends on its composition and your health. Who should enter into your diet smoothies and who should abstain?

Use cocktail

Cocktail smoothie — the product is functional, if consists of a fresh fruit or vegetable juice with pulp. This product is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber. Nutrients beneficial to the body, increase vitality, relieve fatigue, quenches hunger.

Smoothies smoothies are stepping up their own protective forces of the body, restore muscle activity after sports or exercise.

Smoothies are useful for the prevention of various infectious diseases, and to strengthen the immune system.

It is also useful to drink cocktails smoothies-based herbal infusions, pomace from grasses or ground wheat germ.

Caution — smoothies

If you suffer from food allergies. these cocktails should be consumed with extreme caution. The smoothies can include allergens such as cow’s milk. nuts, soybeans. wheat, soy, citrus, honey, strawberry, chocolate. in this case, store-bought smoothies you will not do. Prepare smoothies for yourself, then you will know exactly what is included in the cocktail.

If the basis of smoothies with fresh fruit and berries, see that was not allergic to component taken separately. If canned — give up this cocktail. The preservatives added to store-bought smoothies can also be a cause of Allergy attack and badly affect the gastrointestinal tract. In such cocktails too much sugar, and, therefore, people suffering from diabetes, too.

If you are on a diet…

Some believe that smoothies — the drink, but it’s not. Others mistakenly believe that smoothies — the product diet and help you lose weight. This is also not true.

Smoothie — it is a meal that can be very high in calories. Some of the cocktails on energy values exceed even lunch. It’s a smoothie, prepared with whole milk, fatty yogurt, bananas with lots of nuts. honey or syrup. This smoothie is good replace fast food. And stomach full and your body energized with vitamins.

But, if you are trying to lose or maintain weight, to constantly eat these cocktails are not worth it.

To eat only smoothies shouldn — they will not completely replace food. Smoothies can only obovate your diet.

Absolutely can not lose weight on smoothies for people suffering from peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis with high acidity, as fruit and juices in their composition stimulate the activity of digestive glands and can neblagopriyatna affect the course of the disease.

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