Strawberries with sugar.

Sorbet is a wonderful dessert that will fill the winter tea party summer warmth and sun. In the basis of traditional dishes – mashed and chilled strawberries with sugar. To freeze this dessert and quite possibly yourself. Besides the excellent taste and stored since the summer of vitamins, natural sorbet successfully replace less useful store-bought ice cream.

How to cook

To prepare the sorbet will fit almost all varieties and strawberries. The berries must be washed thoroughly and be sure to dry. Chop the strawberries are best using a conventional grinder, then the pulp will remain juicy. But the blender or processor will turn the beautiful berries in shapeless muck, and out of them all the juice that would eventually become ice. In the softened fruits need to add sugar. Approximate proportion of 300-500 grams per kilogram of strawberries. But the amount of sugar depends on the type of berries: sweeter than they are, the less you need. Quite without it, it helps the sorbet to keep the shape and does not completely crystallize the juice. In the resulting mass, you need to add a little lemon juice – this will adorn the taste and will further enrich the vitamins. The sorbet should be allowed to stand so that the ingredients are dissolved and permeated each other. Then strawberries with sugar for the winter will turn out sweet and juicy. For this dish fit the usual or brown sugar. You can still use vanilla. To make it in a jar of sugar you need for a few days to put the vanilla pod.

Strawberries with sugar, which can freeze in portion sudochki, perfectly stored in the freezer all winter. Of course, this workpiece cannot be allowed to melt, and in the case of an extended power outage light dessert may be seriously affected. In the winter time it can save by moving to the balcony, as long as the fridge is not restored.

How and what to submit

Before serving the sorbet needs a little give to thaw so that you can put it in cream with a spoon for ice cream. Some cooks add in dry champagne sorbet, vermouth, vodka, but it is possible to make this dessert and non-alcoholic. Strawberries, ground with sugar, goes well with caramel, chocolate glaze, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk. Balls of sorbet you can sprinkle almond crisply, chopped nuts, cocoa, coconut shavings. Good with him and fresh berries. However, if these same bulbs did not work – not scary. Great tasting sorbet compensates its external defects. And decorate soft pink dessert can with sprigs of mint.

Use strawberry sorbet

Most useful, rich in vitamins (especially C) berry is famous for its properties. In addition, strawberries with sugar, frosting which is very easy, will have all winter to delight and cheer up, Recalling the summer.

Other varieties of sorbet. What can replace the strawberries?

If there is no strawberries, with sugar to can and freeze other fruits: melon, peach, nectarine, black currant, BlackBerry. And best of all to make a few options so all winter to eat a range of healthy desserts.

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