The harm and benefit cocoa

In this article we will talk about the dangers and benefits of cocoa for health. It should be noted that cocoa and cocoa preparations, in which it is affiliated, is one of the first places in popularity. Chocolate, chocolate cakes and other pastries, all kinds of chocolate bars, candies, desserts – they are loved by both adults and children.

The composition of the above ingredients, except cocoa, comes with a variety of other substances, among which not the least is a harmful food additives. “Thanks” to food additives, chocolate is on the list of the most harmful foods. So read food labels and choose quality products with a minimal amount of additives, and does better without them. For example, if we are talking about chocolate – should give preference to the bitter chocolate with high cocoa content and no added fragrance. stabilizers, thickeners. emulsifiers and preservatives.

But let’s talk the properties of the cocoa, as well as about the dangers and benefits of cocoa for health:

The properties of cocoa.

The composition of the cocoa bean contains about 300 substances that have different effects on the human body. Cacao is known for its ability to improve mood (thanks to the production of serotonin – the “happiness hormone”) and increase performance (due to caffeine).

Due to the large number of active substances contained in cocoa, is it possible to speak about its harm and health benefits. It is worth to consider the arguments for and against cocoa.

Harm cocoa.

The caffeine content in cocoa is small (about 0.2%), but still cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the consumption of cocoa children. Caffeine is one of the most controversial products on the dangers and benefits of which there are many opinions and conflicting research. The impact of caffeine on health can be found in the article “the Harm and benefit of coffee.”

Harm cocoa due to unsanitary conditions.

In countries that grow cocoa beans, very poor sanitary conditions. As a result, products containing cocoa, is also far from sanitary norms.

The harm of cocoa because of cockroaches.

In cocoa beans live cockroaches, get rid of them very difficult.

Harm to cocoa because of the chemicals.

Cocoa is cultivated in tropical countries around the world on large plantations using large quantities of fertilizers and pesticides. Cocoa is the most intensively treated with pesticides cultivated plant in the world!

In addition, cocoa beans industrial production are subjected to radiological treatment for the destruction of an excessive amount of pests in conditions of plantation cultivation. This cacao is used to produce 99% of all chocolate in the world!

The dangers of chemicals and radiation health can not be overestimated.

In the seed of the cocoa there is not a single substance that could cause allergies. So why do nearly all food products containing cocoa are allergenic? Of several causes of allergies:

Chitin, which is part of the shell of cockroaches. It is this substance contributes to the development of many allergic reactions.

The chemicals used in the cultivation of cocoa and when it is processed also cause allergies.

The use of cocoa.

The use of cocoa for the cardiovascular system.

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