White tea benefits and harms

Have a white tea a large number of useful properties. This made him so popular in traditional Chinese medicine several centuries ago. In the rest of the world this kind of tea came not so long ago, but that didn’t stop him immediately gained popularity among connoisseurs. Many people like not only a thin, lightweight, almost transparent aroma of the infusion. For most important beneficial effects.



Antioxidants are special molecules that protect cells from damage by free radicals resulting from the decomposition of substances. Free radicals damage DNA, trigger and exacerbate the aging process. Antioxidants neutralize them, providing us with a long and healthy life, reducing the risk of development of oncological diseases, pathologies of the cardiovascular system. chronic inflammations.

Since white tea is almost not processed after collection, the number of beneficial antioxidants in it is much higher than even the popular green tea.

Cancer prevention

It is believed that regular consumption of white tea reduces the risk of cancer and helps fight existing cancer. Flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevents new. There are documented cases where white tea has worked as effectively as classic drugs prescribed to patients with cancer, but had no side effects.

Lowering blood pressure

Studies show that white tea is slightly thins the blood and improves the functioning of blood vessels. This leads not only to lower blood pressure. but the maintenance of its normal value. Due to the antihypertensive and angioproteguoe (protection of vessels) action white tea reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes.

Reduction cholesterol levels

It is proved that catechins, another group of antioxidants that reduce the level of total cholesterol in the blood. There are several fractions of cholesterol: high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is the “bad” cholesterol that is deposited on the walls of the vessels, impairing the nutrition of tissues and organs, causing the development of vascular events. An even lower total cholesterol levels and not only LDL, will give a good result in the future.

If you often drink white tea, take prescribed special medications (statins), to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, you can greatly improve your condition, to reduce the frequency and intensity ischemic attacks (atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels), headaches (carotid artery disease), pain in the legs (atherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities).

Protection heart

Improving the fluidity of blood (dilution), reducing blood pressure, prevention of atherosclerosis and protection of vessels significantly improve the cardiovascular system, providing a direct cardioprotective effect due to the operation of antioxidants with heart cells, and indirectly by reducing the load.

Conducted multi-year study that showed that people who drink at least two cups of white tea a day are 50% less likely to die from a sudden heart attack than those who prefer a strong fermented teas and coffee.

Strengthening the musculoskeletal system

It is proven that people who regularly consume black tea have a greater bone density. It is believed that patients with osteoporosis, arthritis and arthrosis white tea is especially useful.

Antibacterial and antiviral action

A large amount of antioxidants helps the body fight off viruses and bacteria and stimulates the immune system, thus contributing to the improvement of natural protection against all infectious diseases. White tea not only helps not to get sick in the cold season, but can even alleviate symptoms among HIV patients.

Healthy teeth and gums

White tea contains a small amount of fluoride and other substances that not only strengthen the teeth and gums, but also kill the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and bad breath.

Healthy skin

Free radicals are formed in the body during long periods of sun exposure, stress, bad or unbalanced nutrition and accelerate the aging process. A large amount of antioxidants in white tea effectively fight free radicals, preserving the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Low caffeine

In this kind of tea is very low in caffeine compared to other teas. coffee, energy drinks. Thus, after the consumption of white tea you will not feel palpitations, anxiety, agitation, unnatural emotional lift, as it happens, for example, after a Cup of espresso. Moreover, the low level of caffeine in tea will not manifest side effects such as insomnia, irritability, anxiety, headache.

The amino acid L-theanine

The amino acid L-theanine is known for its strong antioxidant properties, the ability to stimulate weight loss, to reduce anxiety, improve concentration. In combination with a small amount of caffeine, which is contained in white tea, this amino acid helps to relax, relieve stress.

Other useful properties

It is believed that white tea may slightly lower the blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms of diabetes. But keep in mind that diabetics cannot refuse prescribed treatments and move on to this drink. White tea can only be a useful complement, but not replace treatment!

Just two cups of tea a day can reduce stress levels and increase vitality.

White tea is slightly speeds up the process of weight loss by increasing the metabolism. If diet and exercise plan to add a habit to drink several cups of white tea, the result will not keep itself waiting.

Tea secrets

Buy loose white tea. If you have the chance, order it directly from China, for example, on the Taobao auction. Remember that the high-quality tea is sold only by weight, but in single sachets poured old tea collection, defective. The quality factor is the integrity of the sheet. It is a leaf keeps all the taste and nutrients. In fragments and tea dust is of no use anymore. Remember, except in tea bags are whole tea leaves? That’s why you need to buy loose tea, and not only white, but any other. Always check the tea leaves before you buy and don’t settle to buy a second-rate broken tea, as if you didn’t asked the seller and no matter how attractive the price.

Drink at least 2-4 cups of tea. So you will be able to receive the necessary amount of antioxidants. White tea holds 2-3 welding. Therefore, in order to save a little money, brew it at least twice in a row. Leave brewed and merged (i.e. wet, no water in the kettle) leaves for later is not recommended.

With quality tea doesn’t have to be there and add the sugar. On the contrary, each variety of tea has its own flavors, which can be disassembled only focusing on the drink.

Brewing white tea need based 5-7 grams of tea in a mug, filling it with hot water (85-90 degrees), but not boiling water. The easiest way to achieve this temperature water – to boil the kettle, pour a Cup of water and after 10-15 seconds from a mug to pour the water into the teapot.

Try different varieties of white tea. Most popular: silver needle, Bai Mu Dan, Shu Mei, Hong Mei.

Possible harm

White tea has no proven side effects and contraindications, so you can enjoy the taste of it can without exception.

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